DRS Provider Manuals and Forms

Provider Manuals

The DARS DRS Standards for Providers and DRS Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Standards for Providers are available. Only those providers required by contract to do so must comply with these standards.

Revisions to the DRS Standards for Providers Effective July 1, 2016

The following chapters are revised to improve consistency and transparency in consumer contracting and to comply with Sunset Commission recommendations and legislative changes. These revisions are effective July 1, 2016.

In addition, section 12.2.2 Pre-ETS Proposal Requirements in Chapter 12: Pre-Employment Transition Services, is being revised to require providers to submit contract packets through one process during open enrollment. The revisions also specify how providers must submit changes or amendments to contract packets.

Contact the DARS DRS Standards Specialist if you have questions in the following areas:

  • vocational assessment or evaluation
  • personal social adjustment training
  • work adjustment training
  • room, board, and supervised living
  • vocational adjustment training
  • job coaching
  • job placement
  • supported employment and supported self-employment services
  • post-acute brain injury services
  • centers for independent living
  • durable medical equipment
  • vehicle modifications

Provider Forms

Provider forms associated with this manual are available in PDF and Microsoft Word formats. Instruction sheets are available for some forms, with more instruction sheets to be added later.