New Videos Focus on ECI’s Unique Services and Delivery System

DARS Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECI) has produced two new videos that inform consumers’ families, ECI contractors, community partners, and healthcare providers and others who refer children to ECI about ECI’s unique services and delivery system.

Both videos stress the importance of the family-provider partnership, which is key to young consumers’ success. “With ECI, it’s all about the parents working with their children,” said one parent featured in the videos. “The therapist evaluated my daughter and taught me and my husband how we can work with our daughter to improve her skills.”

The videos are:

  • “Texas ECI: Family to Family.” This 10-minute video offers a view of ECI services for families who have been newly referred for services. It features ECI consumers’ families, who share their experiences with ECI and explain how their child and the family benefitted from ECI services.

  • “About Texas ECI.” This 8-minute video helps educate families and professionals about the enrollment process, where services are provided, how services are paid for, and how ECI provides value to children and their families.

The videos are viewed through YouTube and can be accessed via laptops, smart phones, and other devices. Accessibility features include closed captioning and online transcripts in English and Spanish.

To view ECI’s new videos, select the “ECI Videos” tab on the right-side navigation bar of the ECI Web page.