DHHS Web Forms

Telephone Access (STAP)
DARS3906 STAP Application | Word | Instructions
DARS3907 STAP Speech Generating Device Application | Word | Instructions
DARS3906-S STAP Solicitud | Word | Instrucciones
DARS3907-S STAP Aparatos Sintetizadores de Voz | Word |Instrucciones
DARS3926 STAP - Change of Disability | Word | pdf | Instructions

Interpreter Certification (BEI)
DARS3901-1 Court Interpreter Certification Application | Word
DARS3901-2 Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of Certified Court Interpreters | Word | pdf
DARS3901-3 Court Interpreter Performance Test | Word
DARS3903 Court Interpreter Mentor Application | Word
DARS3908 Test of English Proficiency | Word
DARS3909 Interpreter Performance Test Application | Word | Instructions
DARS3910 Annual Certificate Renewal | Word | Instructions
DARS3911 Five-Year Recertification | Word | Instructions
DARS3912 Court Interpreter Five-Year Certificate Renewal | Word | pdf
DARS3918 Test of Spanish Proficiency | Word
DARS3919 Trilingual Interpreter Performance Tests |Word
DARS3921 Multiple-Certificate Annual Renewal | Word
DARS3922 Multiple-Certificate Five-Year Recertification | Word
DARS3924 Court Certificate Annual Renewal | Word
DARS3950 BEI General Complaint Form | Word | pdf
DARS3960 Medical Interpreter Performance Test | Word
DARS3965 Out-of-State BEI Application | Word

Training and Education
Certification of Deafness for Tuition Waiver Program
DARS3900 Certificate of Deafness for Tuition Waiver Program | Word
Camp SIGN Program
DARS3930 Camp SIGN Application | Word
DARS3930-S Solicitud para los Campistas del Campamento SIGN | Word
DARS3931 Camp SIGN Application for Counselors-in-Training | Word
DARS3932 Camp SIGN Application for Counselors | Word
Court Mentoring Program
DARS3903 Court Interpreter Mentor Application | Word
DARS3904 Court Mentor Training Program | Word | pdf
DARS3905 Court Mentee Evaluation | Word | pdf
Interpreter CEU Program
DARS3913 Request for Approval of Proposed Training and Documentation for General and Court Interpreters Continuing Education Units (CEUs) | Word | pdf | Instructions
DARS3914 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Attendance Sign-in Sheet | Word | pdf
DARS3915 Certificate of Attendance | Word | pdf
DARS3916 Sponsor Report | Word | pdf
DARS3917 Approval Letter for Proposed Training Request | Word
Special Needs Funds Program
DARS3925 Special Needs Funds Request for Communication Access Services | Word | pdf | Instructions
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Driver Identification Program
DARS3955 Application for Driver Identification Visor Card | Word